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Hynall Intelligent Control Co. Ltd

With 15 years+ experiences in industry, we focus ONLY on microwave motion sensing technology, to serve customers with ultimate solutions that match best and save most!

Microwave Motion Sensor Antenna Module

Why Hynall?What makes us stand out from others?

Focus only on microwave products / solutions, do what we are really good at.

Comprehensive range of series including antenna modules, DC input, AC input,VR adjustable version, remote control version and detached version.

Professional + well experienced R&D + Sales team, understand deeply of different lighting fixture types and various sensor applications, enable us to offer customers with best product selection, trouble shooting and after sales service.

Much flexible to tailor made products.

AC Input Microwave Motion Sensor

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    A Corner of the Office 1

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    A Corner of the Office 2

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    A Corner of the R&D Dept.

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    PCB Layout

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    Function Check Test(FCT)

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