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Advantages Of Microwave Sensor Switches

Sep. 03, 2018

Below is a comparison of the three switches:Microwave Sensor switches,Voice-activated switch,Infrared switch.

Voice-activated switch: It is necessary to make a certain sound, which may affect the rest of the residents, and is easily interfered by external sounds, often malfunctions, short life, and limited load products.

Infrared switch: The infrared probe needs to be kept clean for a long time, can not be concealed installation, has low sensitivity, and is affected by many environments such as air temperature, airflow, light, etc., and the control area is small.

The products of Microwave Sensor Manufacturer overcomes the shortcomings of the above two switches, and has high sensitivity, large control range, strong anti-interference ability, wide application range, long service life, and can be installed in the lampshade to directly control the lamp; installed in the lampshade, Make the corridor lighting installation more convenient. Reliable in corridors, elevators, bathrooms, underground parking lots and outdoor areas.

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